Exchange Away: How to Implement the Concept of Barterning

Exchange Away: How to Implement the Concept of Barterning

Bartering is an excellent way to save on everything from home repairs to babysitting to legal advice! What’s great about it is that you probably already have something someone else wants: stuff collecting dust in your basement or a skill that someone else can’t do, won’t do, or hates to do!

Recently, I was able to swap organizing a home for a new website. I’m not a professional organizer, and I wouldn’t want to do it every day, but I enjoy the occasional purging of a closet or re-working of a kitchen to make it more efficient. I was able to take my talent and trade it for something I really wanted! It was a win-win situation, with little out-of-pocket expense.

To put this idea into practice, first figure out what you have to barter. Old stuff, new stuff, homemade stuff, or any skill or hobby in which you have some ability can be a potential exchange. Your imagination and finding someone who wants what you have are the only limits when it comes to bartering… read more.

This article was published on The Krazy Coupon Lady.