Foster parenting isn’t for everyone, but everyone can do something to help children in need.


Pray for the children who will lie down in an unfamiliar bed in a stranger’s home tonight. Pray for the the parents who had their kids removed today. Pray for the reunification and restoration of families. Pray for healing for the kids who have lost faith in everyone and everything that was supposed to keep them safe.

Pray for the judges, attorneys, social workers, advocates, and counselors who are tasked with making potentially life-altering decisions and recommendations for children in care. Pray for the foster families who have voluntarily opened their homes to brokenness and heartache. Pray for the hearts of Americans to be broken and enflamed by the children in crisis in our country.

Provide Respite Care.

Respite care is basically any time a ward of the state is with someone other than the foster parent, birth parent, or caseworker. Because all children in care must be under the supervision of an adult who has been cleared by the state, foster parents can’t call a neighbor or their 17-year-old niece to watch the kids, even in an emergency.

Providing respite care can be as simple filling out a form and submitting a copy of your driver’s license so you can babysit or serve as an emergency contact for a foster family. Or, respite care can be a commitment to short-term care, in which you become licensed by the state for the occasions when foster parents need a break or a child needs a safe place to stay during a transition.

Respite care can be planned in advance or urgent and can last from a few minutes to a few weeks. Requirements vary by state and agency… read more.

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