Through the ups and downs of parenting challenging children, your marriage can be a source of strength and joy.

Before my husband and I became foster parents our marriage was solid. Our relationship was thriving and we wanted to protect our marriage throughout whatever challenges might lie ahead. Fortunately, we knew several families who had been foster parents for years. Conversations with couples who’d parented traumatized children and our own research helped us enter the foster care system with a plan for keeping our marriage a top priority.

The past year has been the most difficult year of our lives together. We’ve doubted ourselves, we’ve felt like failures, we’ve questioned God, and we’ve grieved for children that have left our home. But through it all, we have remained united. Rather than growing apart through the turmoil, our connection deepened because we prepared for a difficult journey and did the work along the way.

I’m not a marriage expert and I’m aware that there are millions of articles and books written on marriage, but when I’m working through hard things, I find that connecting with someone who has been through what I am experiencing can be comforting and helpful. These guidelines helped us when we felt like we were being pummeled by the world and even our home didn’t feel like a safe space… read more.

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