The Merchant’s Pearl, a historical novel, is a fascinating look into a world few know existed, with fictional characters that bring the real history to life.

The Merchant's Pearl CoverLeila is a slave in the Sultan’s palace during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Now 18, she has spent the past several years of her life in training for the honorable role of concubine. Other girls would kill for the chance to serve in the Sultan’s harem—for the opportunity to be called wife and raise an heir to the throne—but Leila wishes for nothing more than to go unnoticed by the indulgent ruler and his sons.

Living in opulence and serving royalty is regarded as noble for most of the servants, who would be starving or dead had they not been taken in. But Leila’s despair in her captivity is derived from her past. What her slave masters don’t know is that Leila is not who they think she is. She is the adopted daughter of missionaries. She is Sarai… read more.

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